You are going to come to Innsbruck?

For the first time ... or have you already seen quite a lot of the town? Do you have plenty of time to discover the town ... or is your time limited? Let me know and I will put together the perfect tour - just for you ... for your partner, familiy, your friends, employees or clients.


Walk with me through the streets of the town and visit the most important sights like the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Church with its memorial for Emperor Maximilian I., the Cathedral St. James, the City Tower and - the Golden Roof.


Let me show you the sights of Innsbruck, a guided tour is the best way to experience a town!




Some suggestions:


CLASSIC INNSBRUCK WALKING TOUR: Get to know the most important sights of the town. 90 Minutes.


SIGHTRUNNING: I show you Innsbruck on the run, inform you about the history of the town and tell you the stories of the people that live or have lived here.


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Mag. Thomas Jabinger

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